All the Single Ladies

I haven’t posted much in this blog of late, largely because I’ve been doing very well, and therefore have been very busy. Impromptu dinner parties, business booming, and redecorating the house to suit my tastes. I’m a happy camper.

I’ve noticed though that a number of my girlfriends have caught the singles lately, and not all of them are seeing it as a gift, so it’s time to resume! (And time to plan single ladies margarita’s nights at the cantina!)

So for all my recently single friends, here’s a gentle reminder:


No Regrets

Never regret how you feel. How you feel is REAL. Live it, learn from it, let it make you more awesome.


So many days when I feel just like this

Funny Pictures - Dog is Fabulous
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Everybody go find yourself a mirror and say to that gorgeous creature staring back at you, “Dang! you are a beautiful beast!”


I can watch a sunset on my own

Can’t take back those hours
But I won’t regret
‘Cause you can grow flowers
Where dirt used to be